Hi, my name is Josianne, and I am a makeup addict.

What got you into makeup?

From a very young age, I was bewitched with beauty and makeup. I have vivid memories of 5-year old me over-lining my lips with my mum’s deep-plum lipstick, before gracing my sister with the same look.  And even if nearly 25 years later I (may) have perfected the perfect pout, I am still just as fascinated with the beauty world.  In fact, I would have gone on and pursued a career as a makeup-artist, if I weren’t queasy about touching strangers’ faces. I am very particular like that.

Why the name Wands & Wings?

Although the name may connote a fairytale, it actually refers to mascara wands and winged eyeliner: two staples in my everyday makeup routine.  I do love a good fairytale though; the “and they lived happily ever after”, gets me every time.

Apart from beauty, what are your hobbies?

Online shopping, without a doubt.  I find myself scrolling through endless pages of clothes in the weirdest of places, and in the most time constrains. I love the whole process about it (except for the negative shift in my Visa balance), and there is no exception to what I buy.  From clothes (duh!) to furniture; from bolts and nuts to teeth-whitening strips. Thank goodness my postman isn’t blessed with X-ray vision.

What are three beauty products you never leave the house without?

Concealer to cover up what-must-not-be-seen (i.e. dark circles and pimples), mascara to open my eyes and to delude that I am wide awake, and blush to perk up my sallow face (I am not exaggerating; I am pasty).