Essence of Youth

Up until a few years ago, I didn’t give much thought to a proper skincare routine.  I slathered a thick layer of moisturiser in the evening and hoped it would be sufficient to keep any signs of ageing at bay.  But as I grew more mature and the lines around my eyes began to surface, I realised that moisturiser alone won’t do the cut.  So I got myself adequately informed about proper skincare, and slowly but steadily started incorporating new skincare products into my routine; eye-cream, toner, serum…the whole shebang.  And as it happens with everything else I start getting interested in, things got addictive after a while, and at present, I have a ‘skincare drawer’ full of skincare stuff that I use depending on my skin condition, and my mood.  And this Payot serum which I am going to talk to you about today is one of my favourite additions.


The name, Supreme Jeunesse Essence, may sound slightly overwhelming, but what it means is Supreme Youth Essence (I googled that; my French comprehension is limited to “bonjour” and “mon cheri”).  Doesn’t that sound so beguiling?  In short, this is an anti-ageing serum that is composed of floral extracts and hyaluronic acid.  The extracts of the Orchid and Magnolia combat environmental stresses by providing antioxidant protection, while that of the White Lily increase skin elasticity and smoothness. And we all know the anti-ageing benefits of hyaluronic acid; my eyes always go wild searching for it in the ingredient list of skin care products. I swear by it! If you are novel to it, hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is scientifically proven to boost skin moisture, increase smoothness, and improve fine lines and wrinkles.  Isn’t that amazing? I told you!


This serum has a very fluid, milky consistency that is quickly absorbed in the skin.  I use this Payot serum twice a day, before following up with my eye-cream and moisturiser and I have got slightly hooked with the results.  Since the four weeks I’ve been solely using it as my serum, I can notice my skin is plumper, and the fine lines around my eyes seem to have blurred out.  Or at least I think they have because since I am growing old, there’s a very good chance my eyesight is not as sharp as ever. I have to ask my husband to be sure, but then again, he never noticed them in the first place.  Ugh!


Available from FRANKS.

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