Zara Home Scents

Second to my addiction for buying makeup – no, scratch that (second comes clothes).  Third to my addiction for buying makeup, I have a habit of spending unnecessary money on home stuff, especially home fragrances.  But when you think about it, it’s not a complete waste of money because they do elevate the home ambience and make everything smell lovely and welcoming.  And when it comes to home stuff, Zara know what they’re doing.  In all honesty, I spend more time looking through their home section than I do browsing their womenswear.  Which may or may not be because their dresses are always ridiculously short on me and mind you, I am not very tall.

And what I love even more about Zara, is their sales! Who isn’t a sucker for those big, red stickers they paste on all their sale merchandise?! I can hear them urging me, “Come pick me up, I am such a great deal! And you will find a purpose for me eventually, I promise”.  That is what happened to me during my last visit to Zara, and I ended up paying for three home scents: a reed diffuser, an aromatic candle and a room spray; two of which were half-price!  But the great thing about Zara home fragrances is that (except for limited edition ones) they get massively discounted at the end of the season, but they still bring out the same scents at full price with new packaging.  So for instance, I grabbed this Jasmine Chic room spray at Eur 9.99 instead of Eur 17.99 (who also hates that 99 cents?), and at the far end of the shop, there was a whole array of the new season Jasmine Chic collection, you guessed it – at a full price.  And they do smell the same, in case you were wondering, I can vouch for that.


The second item I got on sale was this Wild Bamboo reed diffuser, which is my favourite buy.  I have no idea what real wild bamboo smells like, but trust me, this smells wonderful! It is a “floral fragrance decorated with citrus and green notes” – I copied and pasted that from their site because I am terrible at describing scents, but it makes the room smell delicately floral and fresh.  And how gorgeous is its black hexagonal bottle, right? When it’s finished, I am going to fill it up with a cheap refill oil, and no one will know.


So the third pick is something my husband picked up, so undoubtedly, it smells very masculine and is aptly named Nordic Leather.  Not that I mind male scents; I am obsessed with the musky, spicy notes of their fragrances and after-shaves.  This one is described as having “vibrant, spicy top notes, followed by mystical notes of incense intermingled with leather”, which is more than I could say about it.  I believe this candle is limited edition though, but I don’t mind that. I can always grab the Wild Bamboo aromatic candle next time it goes on sale.  You know, Zara don’t want to be caught selling it in their spring packaging once June cracks on!


  1. I think Zara do some great scented candles, and they are quite affordable. I would highly suggest you try them out! The last one smells lovely, but I think I prefere the Wild Bamboo one 🙂 Hugs, xx


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