Twenties Girl

Today is an unpleasant reminder that I am indeed getting older, no matter if my basic metabolic age calculates I am nearly a decade younger (I am not kidding, those hours at the gym pay off).  It’s taking all my willpower to forget that this is my last year as a twenties girl, because who am I kidding?  Although I feel youthful, the sprinkling of grey stands on my head, and the three stubborn hairs sprouting from my chin (which no amount of laser can destroy), tell no lie.

I have hated my birthdays since I turned 19, exactly ten years ago.  I remember I was on the bus coming back from Valletta with my then-boyfriend when something struck me that it was my last year as a teen.  And I remember uncontrollably crying my heart out on his sleeve, while the rain poured fiercely on the streets outside complimenting my mood, and the handful of passengers all looked at me with mixed emotions – most of them thinking I must have inevitably lost a loved one!  Ten years later, and instead of shedding tears (I may well up when the clock strikes 4.21pm), I’ve decided to focus on what makes me happy instead.  And what’s more cheerful than some bright photos of this darling little eyeshadow trio I grabbed as a small birthday treat to myself? (one of so many, I’ve lost count).



I love the Freedom System that Inglot has for eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks and lipglosses.  I think it is a quick and fun way to create a custom palette, and you can have as little as a one-pan palette up to a 40-pan palette!  The palettes close with a clear, magnetic lid which is very functional because it allows you to see what shades are in the palette without having to open it.  And if you already started stressing about what to do with the lid while you are using the palette, stress no more – it satisfactorily magnets to the bottom of the palette!  So no excuse for losing the lid, guys!  I think for their price, Inglot eyeshadows are amazing.  Each shadow costs about Eur 7 (more or less, I couldn’t find that damn receipt), and their quality is on par with that of Mac which is worth at least double the price.  They are highly pigmented, easy to blend, smooth, and their longevity is incredible.  The swatches here are done without any primer and in one swipe, and you can see their intense colour payoff.IMG_4653


I already own a couple of six-pan Inglot palettes, but this time I fancied a trio of warm shadows.  At the moment, I am all for toasty, orangey hues because I like to think they compliment my brown eyes and my pale (now that’s a fancy word, I guess pallid is more suitable) complexion perfectly. I picked up three shades which work perfectly together:

  • 335: a matte deep, rusty colour
  • 157: a shiny coppery-bronzy colour
  • 299: a matte, dark reddish-brown colour

Thinking about it, that’s the only downside to Inglot eyeshadows – they have numbers instead of names, which I can never recall.  It’s not like you can remember that you applied a wash of 335 all over the lids, then a pop of 157 in the inner corners, and finally 299 at the outer corners, if anyone asks you.  Not that outside the blogging world, anyone will (I can only think of a couple of instances), but I’m just saying.  It would be much easier if the shadows have fancy names which stick to your mind like for example Rooster Wattle or Molten Lava Cake.  Now, that’s a name I can remember!

Do you like my picks? What’s your favourite product from Inglot?







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