How I Tame My Mane

So yesterday, while I was head bent over my bathtub trying to wash my hair while being very vigilant not to douse my face in the process (it is harder than you may think), I thought what better idea than to write about something I do so many times a week!  If you have thick, coarse hair like me, you know the struggle I go through every time I wash my hair.  I dread it like I dread the side salad that unfailingly comes with an order of steak (which I am too sheepish to order without), or the alarm piercing through my sleep at 7 am sharp.

So let me would walk you through my hair routine after I’ve washed and towel dried it, which is like 50% of the workload if you want to talk percentages.  Before using any heat, the first thing I always do is apply a heat protectant all over my towel-dried hair, mainly focusing on the ends.  And this GHD Advanced Split End Therapy smells terrific and is so lightweight! Next, I blow dry it on full heat and full speed (yes, I need all the help I can get) until it is about 90% dry, using this Tangle Teezer Smoothing Tool which is such a nifty little tool.


This brush has fixed base teeth that separate the hair strands to allow for an excellent airflow to penetrate each strand, thus drying the hair quicker.  Meanwhile, the grooves in between the teeth let excess water drain inside them (sounds fancy, right?) These features help the hair to dry quickly and give a smoother, shinier result.  And what used to take me over 25 minutes to do, these days I am accomplishing in under 10 minutes. So now I can dedicate those extra minutes to paint my nails, or browse Asos, or do something equally worthwhile.  After that, there isn’t much left.  I section my hair and flat iron it with my GHD’s, then work a pump of serum of this Incredible Milk leave-in treatment all through my hair, to get it looking healthy and even shinier.  Shiny is always great, I think.  Well, except for the T-zone.  But I am sure you all know that, especially if you have oily skin like me and spend half of your day blotting all the excess grease off your T.

The serum marks the end of my routine, and after that, I go about normally with my life for a couple more days, before I have to repeat the above process all over again. Aah, the perks of having long, thick hair!

What is your haircare routine guys? Tell me in the comments below!


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