An Accidental Makeup Haul

Every three months or so, I spring-clean my wardrobe to get rid of unworn items, make space for new pieces, and create some order (which gets undone at my first PMS I-have-nothing-to-wear crisis).  It was during one of these cleaning sessions last Monday that I discovered a black plastic bag shoved under my fluffy mustard jumper.  I had forgotten all about the little Flormar haul I had done a couple of weeks before Christmas.  But that’s not all bad because it got me so excited, I abandoned my clear-out mission and spent the rest of the afternoon swatching, and playing with the new finds.  Sounds like fun, right? Well, it was until I realised I had to start dinner in five minutes, and shoved all the clothes back into the wardrobe forgetting I had freshly-painted nails.  Oh well, I had to get rid of another piece of clothing I was planning to hold onto for a while longer.  But I couldn’t wear a white shirt with splatters of pink nail-polish all over the sleeve, could I?

Enough with the babbling; let me talk you through what I got, and how I like them.

Flormar Dark Circle Concealer

I cannot say much about this concealer because for some reason, I got the wrong shade and no matter how hard I tried to make it work, I just couldn’t.  It is a creamy concealer with a medium-coverage, and I think it would work fantastic on people with dry/combination skin, and on those who are a good shade match.


Flormar Waterline Kajal Eyeliner in Brown

This is a beautiful, soft kajal eyeliner that goes on very smoothly on the waterline, and has an intense colour payoff.  It’s nothing like those eyeliners that you scratch your waterline with, trying to make them work.  Nonetheless, this eyeliner must be used sparingly as it is very pigmented. The first time I used it, I didn’t quite realise that, and I ended up with panda eyes, which I had to take off and redo all over again. Ugh.


Perfect Coverage Liquid Concealer

This concealer is my favourite product from the lot! It’s got full coverage, is brightening and has a dewy finish which makes it ideal for the under-the-eyes works.  I’m also fond of its flexible, sponge-tip applicator as it can get into those tight spaces like the corner of the eyes and around the nose: two of my most problematic areas.


Color Delight Nail Enamel in 03 Beautify

Choosing a nail colour from Flormar can be quite overwhelming because they’ve got rows upon rows of different pigments; however, this one, in particular, caught my eye. It’s a beautiful dusky-pink colour with a mirror finish to it.  And one coat is enough to get an opaque finish which is fab because I hate having to apply multiple layers.


Tropical Pumping Lip Gloss in Summer Pink and Electric Fuchsia

I grabbed these two as I was checking out because they were marked 50% off at the till.  And I am so glad I did because I don’t have anything similar in my collection.  These lipglosses are intensely pigmented and very glossy.  However, the cool thing about them is that they have a fresh, slightly tingling sensation on the lips which noticeably plumps up the lips. These remind me of an Essence clear lip-gloss I used to bathe my lips in when I was a teen.  Wonder if they still do that? Mhmm… I have to look into that.

IMG_4307IMG_4335IMG_4308IMG_2717Have you ever tried this brand before?

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